God above it all, Wife, Boy Mom, GCU Alumni, Latina Entrepreneur

Sandy Zapata

I’m excited that you’re here...
If you’re looking for “‘more” — time, money, freedom, you’re in the right place.
You’re now one step closer to achieving your beauty & financial goals.
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Here’s a little bit about myself:
I’m 28, married to the love of my life, and enjoying life as a full time momrepreneur.

I’ve worked in ministry for nearly a decade and it’s been a huge part of my life and afforded me wonderful opportunities to grow in leadership, service and mentorship.
I met my husband through ministry and our hearts have always been to invite others to live life with us in Christ.
I feel blessed to have such a broad spectrum of work experience; everything from freelance work in PR, marketing, and workforce development. I’ve also been in an operations or project director position for the last few years. In ministry the fire doesn’t necessarily burn out it’s more your energy to keep up and keep on. With a growing family, finding balance can feel impossible or at times like I’m choosing others over my own. I didn’t want to feel this way so I decided to take control of my life by becoming my own boss. So I quit the 9-5 life to build my hustle that began last year, in the midst of chaos and uncertainty… I took a credit card to get started and risk it all. I currently promote & sell clinically-backed, anti-aging luxury hair, skin & wellness products for the everyday woman and man who loves clean products that work!

I made the switch from living for someone else’s dream to building my dream life by adding multiple streams of income, working anywhere, anytime, and now have the time with my family I thought I’d have to sacrifice and hope to help others do the same. If you’re looking to step into your own power, whether it be clearer skin, healthier hair, or a bigger bank account, let’s talk.

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How beautiful are the feet of those who spread the good news.

It’s okay to feel like you’re #meantformore!! What is life living paycheck to paycheck, working yourself tired just to enjoy 2 out of 7 days a week, that’s assuming you get weekends off.

I knew I was created for more, that I have a deeper purpose than working to make someone else’s dreams and pockets bigger than my own.

It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself, to focus on overcoming statistics or challenges we’re faced with. It’s seeing those and choosing to take on the battle and fight to win! It’s perseverance when others choose defeat, it’s saying not today satan, or I’m not the one! And getting after the hard and doing the heavy work now for a long and beautiful life on your own terms!

Super excited that you’re here, that you are ready to make a change and be in this together!♥️