Sangyeobsal Lee

appealing actor who can make you cry, smile and be mad by his roles


A prominent actor and the one and only grandson of the late Kim Jong-jin of POSCO and Dongkuk Steel who served his life to it's executive position. Made my debut in 2007 as a rookie actor in the television drama "A Happy Woman". After it's moderate success debut, the prominent actor appeared in various tv dramas, movies and variety shows to promote himself. He became well known for being good at any kinds of roles. He brought Hallyu fans to anger when he potrayed Lee Yoo-bum in While You Were Sleeping together with Lee Jongsuk and Bae Suzy in 2017. He also boiled the character of Kim Woo-jin who had an accident together with her fiancé that turns into a different story. The actor also did a cameo in the hit-drama "Signal" during it's 9th to 11th episode. Last 2020, he expressed and served a big chemistry together with actress Lee Min-jung in the family drama that aired on KBS entitled as "Once Again". This 2021, he is set to be seen in the upcoming MBC drama "No Man but a Badman" which is announced this week as it launches teasers for the upcoming drama. He also became a fixed member of Sixth Sense 2 together with Yoo Jaesuk, Oh Nara, Jeon Somin, Lee Mijoo and Jessi. He also participated as a fixed member in a ten episode variety show called "National Bang Bang Cook Cook".
[ 이상엽's 14th Year as an Actor ]
“I think it was good that I didn’t rest and kept acting. I am pretty proud of myself for not giving up. I think the endorphins I feel on set have become my driving force. Also, I use the sense of achievement I feel while acting to comfort myself. I do believe that I’m enjoying my time well, but I’m still always overcoming a slump.”

· The Day I Died, Unclosed Case
· Ordinary People
· The Flu
· Penny Pinchers
· Lovers of Six Years
· A Man who was a Superman

Drama Series
· No Man but a Badman (2021)
· Once Again (2020)
· Good Casting (2020)
· Love Affairs in the Afternoon (2019)
· Top Star Yoo-Baek (2018)
· While You Were Sleeping (2017)
· Listen to Love (2016)
· Doctors (2016)
· The Master of Revenge (2016)
· Signal (2016)
· House of Bluebird (2015)
· A Little Love Never Hurts (2013)
· Jang Ok Jung (2013)
· The Innocent Man (2012)
· Koisuru Maison. ~Rainbow Rose~ (2012)
· Living Among The Rich (2011)
· Can't Live With Losing (2011)
· Miss Ripley (2011)
· Midas (2011)
· Her Style (2009)
· Elephant (2008)

TV Movies
· The Hymn of Death (2018)
· Drama Special: You Are Close Than You Think (2017)
· Home Sweet Home (2016)
· The Greatest Thing in the World (2013)

~ Excellent Actor (Once Again)
~ Netizen Award (Once Again)
~ Best Couple Award (Once Again)
~ Excellent Actor (While You Were Sleeping)
~ Best New Actor (A Little Love Never Hurts)


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