tips for FanPages!

tips for FanPages!<3

1.don’t put list of dots & numbers or don’t make it too long!
2.don’t like your own videos,it’ll get you shadow banned!
3.don’t do gain trains,you’ll gain followers but not active!
4.always be kind to everyone!
5.don’t hate on someone because of their idol 1-3 a day!
7.don’t switch themes too much!
8.don’t delete your videos,private them! fff/follow for follow!
10.last but not least don’t try to be like others just be yourself!:)<3

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Coloring tutorial aesthetic (i dont use it)

Aesthetic Coloring Tutorial!

first we start with ultralight light,clarity is 10+,sharpen is 10- and noise is 10-!great now we go to prequel,exposure is 25+,contrast is 5+,highlights is 25+,shadows 100+,aberration is 25+,blur is 30 or 40,now the filter is teal 100(click on teal two times and make it 100) next is effects,go in effects and use diamond 0(same like teal but 0)!Now to colortone use coogee once.Now go back to ultralight and use clarity 10+!Wow i really like it!have a good day/night queen/king!<3

question ideas!

question ideas!<3

1.we switched idols whos my new idol
2.are u closer to 1k or 10k
3.tag your first @ and your third @ and who reply’s first wins
4.when was your last follower you have any pets u sopport lill nas x you ship chaddison more or chavani
8.only people who sopport [ur user] can c-link u have a favorite best friend
10.would u get a tattoo of ur 5th emoji
hope that helps<3

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