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Just out here trying to live my best life while helping you do the same too ♥

Hi there, I’m so excited that you made your way here!! 

My name is Sandy. I’m a full time Registered Nurse in a neuroscience and telemetry unit. I also served as a combat medic in the military for 8 years. When I’m not at the hospital pulling 12 hour shifts, I work with a luxury hair and skin care company that has blown me away. And I’m sooo happy I stumbled into this opportunity.

I love finding things that improve our quality of life and sharing those things with my friends and family. You know this if you’ve ever opened a credit card, purchased an item, downloaded a money saving app, etc based off my recommendations. Credibility is important to me, so I’d never try to push a product I didn’t truly believe in.

Swipe right for my links to get started. Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Do you simply want healthy hair + glowing skin?
OR are you interested in opening your mind to new possibilities and an additional source of income? (You already wash your hair and face anyways 😛)
Either way, I’ve got something for you ☺️