“Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that’s going to help you grow”

Hey there, I’m Santina!! I’m 21 years old undergraduate student, business owner and beauty lover with a desire to help others. I specialize in clean beauty, wellness and social media!

Two years ago I decided to take a leap and take on a business opportunity that I had ZERO experience in. I was scared and worried I would fail but saying YES changed it all. My business is now one of my sole incomes!

I have the luxury of working wherever, whenever and however I want. I want to share this opportunity with other people around me and show you that this business can be for ANYONE, yes you. Whether you want to make an extra income on the side or tmake this a full-time job I’m here to help! <



Who is #beautyrevco? We are a community of like-minded individuals that found an opportunity to change our lives!! We want to see you reach your goals. We breed fearless leaders and beauty dealers and we want you to join us!!

What do we do? We get paid to help people improve the health of their hair + skin by building confidence from within. We also teach others how to do the same! I mentor people from all different walks of life - students, moms, full time workers, fashion influencers, beauty lovers, etc. who all have become just as obsessed with the business & community as I am. I’m committed to helping you monetize your instagram & create an income from your phone.

Some perks include: top ranked compensation plan, ability to earn paid for luxury trips & car, self development training, exclusive access to products, unlimited earning potential & so much more!

The best part? All you need is wifi. Turn your online scrolling into another stream of income.

The secret to living the life you’ve always dreamed of: start!

This opportunity is for people with good work ethic, hustle & big dreams. Interested in learning more? Fill out the application below!


Naturally based, cruelty free beauty products

We are a revolutionary line of luxury, anti-aging haircare, skincare & wellness products designed to help you gain confidence from within. We are naturally based, vegan & leaping bunny certified!

Not only are our products developed using the latest scientific technologies & clinically proven proprietary ingredients, but our scientific advisory board consists of a panel of specialists who confirm all science, clinicals & formulations that produce real results.

Our products are extremely specific and can be tailored to your own personal hair & skin needs, which is why they’re so unique! Click on the links below and I will personally match you with the perfect products for the ultimate transformation.