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The Santucci Family brand is a collection of twin parenting tips, travel (30+ countries), Austin,TX finds, and baby fashion content. Tiff and Joe have built a community on social media to help other twin moms (from sleeping and feeding to baby products and mom hacks), encourage new moms, and give travel & fashion inspiration to all.

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At Home Fun —

Children learn through their senses & connections with others. When we allow children the freedom to see, touch, taste, smell, & hear the world around them we offer them the greatest gift: our belief in their innate ability to learn & grow.

Ornament fun

Let the twins fill up their ornaments with fake snow, gems, sequins, buttons, and poms! Just keep an eye on them making sure they don’t eat any craft supplies!

Bath Crayons

Super fun way to  interact with her toddlers or keep them busy while you try to get ready for your day! Easy clean up too! The twins even use a scrubby buddy and happily clean their mess. Make sure the crayons stay in the tub!

Moon Sand

The twins loved playing with home made moon sand. They worked on their fine motor skills scooping and rolling cars through the sand. They enjoyed pressing their little fingers and toes into the piles of sand. And Romeo even took a few bites!
Recipe: 4 cups flour, 3/4 cup coconut oil

Morning Walks

The babies love going on walks. Romeo loves to babble the whole way. They giggle and kick their legs at dogs walking by, point out many outdoor cats (Bella’s a huge fan!) and they wave to neighbors. They are also big fans of the Texas heat.


The babies have been improving on their gross motor skills & balance. Bella and Romeo can both walk and are mastering their climbing in their Lily & River climber.

Sensory Fun

I think it’s important the twins use their senses and feel different textures. In one bowl they have multi-color & sized pompoms, in another bowl they have pasta noodles, and in the last bowl they have marshmallows. The babies enjoyed feeling the new textures. They also practiced scooping. And realized if they used a spoon and hit the bowl, it would make a loud sound. After 25 minutes, Romeo decided to take a bite of marshmallow and was pleasantly surprised.

Felt Board Fun

We recently purchased a felt board with many Velcro insects and animals that can be placed onto the board. The babies love scratching their nails on the Velcro and think it’s magical how the object stick into place.

Pool Time

The babies love to splash in the pool! Bella is a little water baby and could stay in the pool all day. Romeo enjoys it for about 20 minutes and then wants to find some sticks in the yard.

Taped Up Toys

The babies love tape. So I decided to tape a few small toys and objects I found around the house into a cupcake tin. This activity helped them use their fine motor skills removing tape and uncovering the items.

Painting With Water

The babies enjoyed this activity. You can find paint with water books at the dollar store or an amazon. It was very simple and easy clean up. The twins loved watching the colors appear on their paper.

Water Table

The water table was a hit! The babies absolutely loved playing with the water and toys.

Jello-O Slime

Jello slime was interesting. Romeo enjoyed it more than Bella. He found the texture amusing. It’s edible slime you can purchase online. It is very messy and unless you have a splat mat I wouldn’t recommend it.

Eyes, Nose, Mouth

The babies have been going through a very lovey phase. They’ve been hugging & kissing more often & enjoy pointing out each others eyes, nose, and mouths. Bella has grown fond of her doll and pointing to her nose. It’s been a fun activity for the babies to realize we are all similar!

Musical Picnic

The babies have grown fond of music and dancing. I decided to purchase a music kit online and they had a ball. They love the bells in particular. Romeo also enjoyed the drums. The twins are working on sharing. Especially when it comes to their musical instruments.

Play sink

The twins love to help with chores! They have been obsessed with their play sink, broom, and vaccuum.

Mommy Daughter Time

Special mommy daughter time with Bella. Love getting dolled up with her and having a picnic or playing outside. Fun fact: she loves strawberries!

Outside adventures

Sometimes Romey wakes before Bella. To keep him occupied, I love to take him outside and let him explore. He loves picking up sticks and finding crunchy leaves. He walks so fast now; I can’t lie I get nervous when he walks on the side walk!


IsaBella and Romeo did it! Their 100th food was LOBSTER and they loved it! This journey to 100 foods was such a blast but it also took a lot of work (I see you mamas!). It was amazing to watch them experience so many different flavors and textures- watch them learn how to self-feed and start to look forward to meal time as a family. But I also just LOVE to watch them eat! Is there anything cuter?!

Do you have questions about your BLW approach or self-feeding journey? Since we just experienced it x2, we are full of insights now. Feel free to reach out!