My Hair Journey

Postpartum Hair Havoc

After having two babies in four years, my once thick, wavy hair that held a curl with minimal effort was flat, frizzy and thinning and breaking around my face. I would spend hours blow-drying and styling my hair, just to throw it up in a bun after an hour. Something I had once considered one of my best features, was now causing me lots of frustration. One of my friends knew my hair struggles and introduced me to Monat. I love that it had clean ingredients and was clinically tested, I've always had sensitive skin so trying new products is not always the best idea. I started with the shampoo and conditioner and completely fell in love. My hair has transformed over the last year into soft silky hair that takes half of the time to style and I can get 4 days inbetween washes πŸ™Œ As a busy mom, looking put together with minimal time and effort is top of my priority list! But, it gets even better! Check out my husband's hair journey to see how his hairline has transformed.

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Mike's Hair Journey

Thinning hairline?

Mike I guess if you've found yourself here, then you yourself have been experiencing male pattern baldness too. When Sara told me that a shampoo was going to "grow my hair back," I thought she was crazy, but it's best to go along with her ideas or she won't let it go. However, since I have switched products, I have softer hair that looks and feels thicker, and way less dandruff and itchy scalp.
So if you are looking for products that will improve the condition of your scalp take the hair quiz below.