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Beauty Influencer!

Who am I & what do I do? 💁🏽‍♀️

It all began in March 2019 when I decided to try some new luxury hair products because I had oily, flaky, flat hair. I tried so many store bought shampoos and didn’t notice a difference. After my first wash with this healthy shampoo I noticed a huge change! As my hair started improving I fell more & more in love with the products that were showing me results! So I decided to become a partner & share these amazing products with everyone else!! All I was doing was spreading the word about how amazing the products are and I was getting paid to do it!

I am working my online beauty business on the side of my full time hospital career as a Manager in NYC at a Children’s Hospital. It’s something fun & simple as well as a way to make some extra cash especially being a new homeowner 💪🏽 It’s also rewarding to help others feel more and more confident about themselves! In the process of helping others, I noticed a positive growth in my business! From clients falling in love with these products to new partners ready to learn and expand their own business.. I was amazed at this billion $ industry and how it was impacting my life!

My full time job is incredible, I love what I do!
But I also have a few hours a week to spare and put towards my beauty business to make extra cash on the side. It’s such a refreshing side job! Now I get to help others do the same & achieve their beauty business goals.

Did you know network marketing has created more millionaires that any industry around the world!?

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