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Thanks for checking in! My name is SaraEve (she/her) and I’m an epileptic mermaid from New Jersey! First diagnosed at age 23 followed by a two part brain surgery at 25 and a VNS implant at 30, I quickly found my life turned upside down. But I never faltered— In 2010 I began my poetry career and went on to publish three book with indie booksellers, tour regions of the country and perform for over 800 people as a keynote speaker in LA! My life has been full of twists and dives and I’ve been grateful for every minute.

This has been a busy month, filling the store with stock and rebranding under the name SKULL MEETS HOBBIES. Initially just crochet goods and cabachon pendants, I will now be offering epoxy resin goods, mixed media art projects, embroidery projects, collage work and more. Commissions are (almost) always open, and check out the growing Instagram account @SkullMeetsHobbies to see what’s in the works!

I’m also really lucky to be an employee at GameStop in my town— a bit of a dream come true for a Funko Pop collector! I love talking about games and toys all day and it gives me a chance to wear all my pop culture tees!

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I see dreams I chase them I hope I can help you do the same

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Venmo: @SaraEve41
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