My Favourite Success Books

Some of my favourite books I’ve read so far in developing mentally, and financially.

Book #1 : Think and Grow Rich

One of my FAVOURITE books about the power of the subconscious mind, attracting what you want and how you should go about accomplishing your dreams.

Think and Grow Rich

Book #2 : Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the best books to open up your eyes that riches are a representation of mentality, and not only that it will open your eyes up on how ‘poor’ people view money vs ‘rich’ people. Key if you want financial freedom someday.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book #3 : Millionaire Success Habits

My ideology: if you want to be a millionaire you gotta act, think, and speak like one. This is full or habits of the most successful people.

Millionaire Success Habits

Book #4 : The Power of Habit

Learn to understand the place we are in right now is because of the decisions and habits we’ve had up until now. If you want to change your situation you have to change your habits.

The Power of Habit

Book #5 : The 10X Rule

Grant Cardones book about truly why some achieve success and others don’t and what you gotta do if you want it.

The 10X Rule- The only difference between success and failure

Book #6 : The Law of Success

From the same author as Think and Grow Rich.

The Law of Success

Book #7 : Retire Young Retire Rich

From the same author as Rich Dad Poor Dad, and one of my favourite investors.

Rich Dad’s Retire Young Retire Rich

Book #8 : You Were Born Rich

The book basically walks you through how you can go from someone in a tough financial position, or working 9-5, or just overall wanting a specific dream and how you can create that. Favourite chapter in this book: the razors edge.