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A little bit about me

Having spent 16 years working for the same company in 2 very different roles. I had committed my whole life to my work.
At the time it was something I needed to do but then you get stuck in a rut and that way  becomes the norm.
I left that position over 2 years ago and took on a role that gave me more time with my family.
It has taken lockdown for me to finally realise that the phone isn't going to ring for me to have to cover a shift or to sort someone's day's off.
I can finally relax and enjoy time.
Time to myself, time with my husband and time with my children
I am grateful that I have found ME 🥰

If you would like to work with me or you would just like some information on what I do, then drop me a message 🥰

My inbox is always open 🤗

5 lists that will improve your life

A list is the quickest, clearest way to get your thoughts out.

🤎 Morning to-do list - morning's are by far the most productive time of day. Write down the must do's for the day & check them off as you go
Morning's = Strong Brain Energy = More Productivity

🤎 Shopping list - I never go shopping without a list, it makes shopping so easy & you stay on track & within your budget

🤎 Goals list - gives you motivation, it holds you accountable in different areas of your life such as career, finances, health etc

🤎 Pro's & Con's list - think of something in your life that is bothering you. This can be a relationship, job, habit. To understand why it's bothering you make two columns, one for pro's & one for con's. Write down anything & everything that comes to mind without putting too much thought into it. This will give you clarity on a situation & allow you to understand if it's something worth holding on to.

🤎 Reading list - make a list of books you'd like to read. Reading is incredibly good for your mind & soul. It's the best thing to do before bed.

I challenge you to pick one list & create it.

Ease new things into your life to increase the likelihood of sticking to them consistently.

My Top Picks

If you aren't investing in yourself, how can you expect others to!

🤎 Self-care Sunday 🤎

🤎 Take care of your body both inside & out - eating clean & making sure you’re being mindful of the things you put into your body is extremely important. As women, taking care of yourself both mentally & physically plays a large role in self-investing. Invest in your body, and it will repay you.

🤎 Be passionate about something - If you allow yourself to become passionate about things in life, then you allow your mind to grow and develop—and knowledge is definitely self-investing.

🤎 Control your money, don't let it control you - If you work full-time, a stay-at-home mum or even a remote worker—it’s always important to be able to have your own money and use it as you see fit. This is especially important living in a male dominant world, it’s vital to have your own money and control it at your own will.

🤎 Self-accountability - as a woman, you’re bound to make mistakes (it’s life), however owning up to those mistakes and accepting them (and learning from them of course), is what seals the deal when it comes to being accountable.

🤎 Reading is fundamental - being able to take time & solitude to read a book not only gives you knowledge and insight on things you may have not previously known about, but it also gives you time to reflect on things that may have never crossed your mind until you decided to pick up that book.

🤎 Become an independent thinker - make some time for yourself to think about things such as your future, your current situation, and your life overall. Don’t let the opinions of others persuade you to do something you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing—the first rule to being an independent woman is to think of yourself as one!