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If you don't know already, I'm Sarah. I live in a small beach town on the beautiful Central Coast of CA with my Love and our happy little furball, Penny. We spend our days doing a little bit of everything... beach strolls, Harley rides, refurbishing furniture, cooking, spending time with family and friends... You get the idea. ✨

Why did I create this site? Well I'm currently in the process of trying new ventures and creating opportunities so I can spend more time focusing on our health, wellness and family. I believe it's important to put your mental and physical health first. I mean you've got to if you want any relief from the stress of the world we live in, right?!? Well My goal is to be able to make that easier for people to accomplish. 🌱

So please bear with me as I build my site...

Some links and pages on this site are to companies & non-profits that I work with, remedies that I'm using or have used for various ailments, symptoms, etc., or they may showcase some home decor items I've created or refurbished, along with items I'm selling. Just like my life, this site will continue to be under construction 🚧 with new things added or changed as I progress. So stay tuned! 🤙🤘

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Oral Spray Vitamins

by QSciences

🌅 Hello everyone! I have a question for you all... Have you guys heard of vitamins in an oral spray before?!!? To be honest, I hadn't until a friend showed me these vitamin Oral Sprays by QSciences.
Seriously, sometimes taking multiple capsules or large horse pills just to get my daily vitamins was work, not to mention hard to swallow! Well these sprays, make it so easy!! Not only do they taste great with a slight minty fresh flavor, but the spray allows your body to absorb the vitamins quicker. It's actually proven that liquid vitamins have a higher effectiveness than your tradition pill or capsule.
Both the B-12 and the Sleep sprays have been LIFE SAVERS! I'm borderline B-12 deficient so some days I'm more fatigued than normal and it feels like I can't make it through the day, but one dose of the B-12 spray and within minutes the sluggish feeling is gone and I'm ready to take on the day! And on the opposite end of the spectrum, my insomnia can keep up into all hours of the night, I'm sure some of you can relate. But this sleep spray is a game changer! Depending on your tolerance to sleep aides, just a couple sprays and within 20min your body starts to feel relaxed and your mind calm so you can get that precious sleep your body needs.
All of these sprays have their specific uses and each one will definitely help you get through your day, or sleep through the night.
Click on any of the "I want it" links to purchase. If you sign up as a preferred customer you get $5+ off each spray!
If you have any questions about the sprays, please don't hesitate to email me. I'll be happy to help.

🌱 A Healthy Life is A Happy Life. 🌱

Sleep Spray

Synergistically promotes restful sleep and mind & body rejuvenation. Contains Melatonin, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, & a proprietary herbal extract.

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B-12 Spray

Helps sustain energy and endurance. Is in the form of Methylcobalamin.

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Boost Spray

Helps balance & regulate your metabolic system. Curbs cravings!

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Relief Spray

Helps with pain management!

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C+ Spray

Great for an immune system boost, it also includes a dose of zinc!

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D3 Spray

Helps your body and mind function at it's full potential!

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