Hey there - I’m Sarah!

You ready to level up your life?

Not long ago I was in grad school, working two jobs, planning my wedding, and trying to wrap my brain around how I could work SO HARD and have $0 leftover after bills were paid each month. We had SO MUCH student loan and credit card debt and no end in sight there. I was so sick and tired of hearing my fiancé say “we can’t afford that” to the things I wanted for us. I didn’t want to GET BY anymore, I wanted to get AHEAD. I wanted to be FREE.

Like a sign from God, a few days later I saw a girl on social media posting about how she was making money from her phone repping plant-based health and beauty products! I had friends growing up whose moms did “things like this” but this was ONLINE???? No parties. No inventory. Literally from my phone! Welcome to the 21st century!

With $0 in my checking account I picked up that maxed out credit card and charged it for my influencer license. I figured “What‘s another $99 when we are $60k in debt? If this could CHANGE THINGS???”

I 100% used Facebook and Instagram meet people from all over the world who wanted to be healthier and make more money! Within DAYS I had made my investment back, and within a few months I was making a full time income doing this!

I decided this was my calling. To be completely FREE and help others do the same. I retired at 25 from the 9-5 life and became a full time influencer.

In less than a year I was making a significant income doing this, was a top enroller and top income earner in the company, and had earned INSANE bonuses! We paid off ALL our debt, bought our dream home, have money in investments and retirement and savings for the future, and have been able to start our family.

I’ve been home with our two boys since they were born and even gave my husband the freedom to leave his job as a pilot where we was gone 15-20 nights a month so he could be home with us!

The future doesn’t make me anxious or fearful anymore, our bills are paid every night, and even have leftover for fun stuff and for a rainy day fund.

But more than just the financial freedom, I’ve been able to grow into the best version of myself. I get to be the best mother, wife, friend, coach... I get to love who I am and who I am becoming. I get to be an example to my boys of what it looks like to dream big and go after the things you want in life.

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