My *WhY

Hey y’all! My name is Sarah Green and Im from Woodstock, Ga. I am a wife, mom (8 year old girl), and a pediatric nurse. Becoming apart of this Rodan and Fields community is something I’ve been longing for for awhile now. I started using the products after being tired of the OTC products not working for my hormonal acne and big pores, also I was about to be 30 and knew I needed to finally commit to having better skin. In just the 4 weeks I used UNBLEMISH I saw results. I was always watching Jenna’s(my sponsor)insta stories and would be in such awe of her. My soul was starting to want that community/friendship, creativity, and just something fun all while being able to provide more for my family. Don’t get me wrong I truly love being a nurse and don’t want to quit my job, but I just felt like something else was missing. The wheels in my head kept on going back and forth wondering if this was something I could actually do and be successful at. Out of nowhere one day it dawned on me that my mom, whom passed away almost 5 years ago, was using R+F back in 2009. That right there was the sign I needed to go for it and stop letting my mind scare me. She is where I get my ❤️ for helping others, my creativity, why I became a nurse. I can’t wait to gain more knowledge, build friendships, and help other people to feel good in their skin like I already am.