Sara Hansen - Golf Biography

My Golf Story

Hi my name is Sara Hansen and I am a professional golfer from San Diego California. I was born in Fresno California in December of 1995 to my parents Richard and Rae Ann Scheidt. 13 months later in January of 1997 they had my sister Amanda and a little over 4 years later in February of 2001 my youngest sibling Steven was born. We all grew up in the valley attending Buchanan high school followed by two years at Fresno City Community College.

I first picked up a golf club the summer of 2007 after watching my younger sister (Amanda Scheidt) play in a junior golf tournament and trying to get a burger with her after her round, but was denied because I wasn’t a participant in the tournament. I told my mom to sign me up for the next tournament and that’s where my love for the game officially started. From then on I spent many hours on the range trying to perfect the most difficult sport there is! My favorite part of my childhood golf was getting to play with my Grandpa, Robert Pifferini (mom’s dad). My Grandpa was able to play golf with my sister, mother, and myself until he reached the age of 93!! I play in his honor to this day, and will carry his memory on the course and in life for as long as I live!

Going into high school, I started working with my lifelong swing coach Jon Dechambeau who quickly became a mentor, 2nd father figure and one of my closest friends. To this day he is still one of the most influential people in my life. Jon helped to get me from 20+ handicap to competing at the division 1 collegiate level of golf in a matter of a year and a half; after a year and half away from the game due to a recovery period after blowing out my left knee in softball early into my junior year of high school. I had to make many adjustments to my swing in order to protect my lead knee in the golf swing. This was a challenge but Jon never stopped believing in my and pushed me to be the best I could be!

With Jon by my side (literally, I refused to sign without him there) I signed my official letter of intent to play D1 golf for California State University Bakersfield. I graduated and wrapped up my college career in 2019. I got married to my husband, Andrew Hansen, who is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps and stationed here in San Diego, California.

15 years after I was denied that life-altering burger, I’m now chasing my dream of professional golf with the goal to compete on the LPGA tour someday! I still work with Jon and there’s nobody else I rather have by my side to get me to the highest level of competition golf!

While chasing the dream of competing on the LPGA tour, I work for the greatest company called Backswing Golf Events (BSGE). BSGE is a company focused on helping women golfers pursue their professional goals, as well as raising millions of dollars a year for various charities nation wide!

These next few years I’m going to be pushing myself to reach my full potential in competitive golf! I’m so excited to share my journey as I continue down the long and hard, but so rewarding road to the LPGA Tour!

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement along the way!♥️

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