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I am a Board Certified Practitioner/Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, helping clients find the root causes to their symptoms and health challenges. I see patients in the city at Green Circle Wellness In West Loop and virtually via my private practice. Clients come to me for gut health concerns, hormonal imbalance symptoms, autoimmunity and chronic symptoms they can’t resolve with their doctors. Please reach out to connect, I always love starting conversations here ❤️

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Hey! I’m Sarah

2x published author, TV Host, Women’s health + maternal wellness expert

From major burnout, to adrenal fatigue, to anxiety/insomnia, to hormone imbalances, to stubborn weight loss & wrecked digestion, to a crummy metabolism after trying ALL the diets - I’ve experienced it all!

I took my 10 years as a holistic health specialist + integrative nutritionist and my own symptoms and focused my frustration into creating a REAL, comprehensive healing plan for myself so I could kick all my health issues to the curb.

Now, I help hundreds of women do the same.