All About Me

Where it all started

I've always had a bad relationship with $$ and because of this my parents made me start working to earn my own way. I started working at 17 to pay for anything I wanted that my parents didn't already provide. My spending habits were way above my means & I quickly learned I was gonna have to start working a lot more if I wanted to live my life on my terms. When i started college I ended up with 2 different jobs and then that turned into 3. I was working my life away just trying to make enough to pay my bills and be able to socialize with friends. My grades started suffering because all my time went to working 24/7 and I'd miss class because I was too tired or I picked up an extra shift.

So fast forward THREE YEARS..

I dropped out of college.

I completely lost my way and lost who I was. I didn't know what I wanted out of my life or what my next step was. I was still working a full time job as an assistant manager of Jos. A. Bank AND THEN..

2020 hit. Covid-19 takes over.

I lost my job and realized this was my chance to step out of my comfort zone and so my boyfriend and I moved from Fayetteville, Arkansas to OKC, Oklahoma (within two weeks of deciding may I add)

Moving to a new state, in itself, is very challenging. When you add a global pandemic to that mix & the fact that we were both jobless.. DONT GET ME STARTED ON THE STRESS & ANXIETY.

What can I say? I never do anything the easy way.

Since we were still in quarantine when we moved, I spent a lot of time trying to make our house here feel super home-y. If we were gonna be spending so much time in this space I wanted to love it! It also got me thinking about ways I could be making money while being quarantined & stuck at home all the time.

I remembered this girl I used to waitress with started working from her phone a couple years back and I had even mentioned it to my (now) mentor (how crazy!) because she was a stay-at-home mom needing something extra too. I'm not sure what exactly it was that finally gave me the confidence to pursue it but something just finally clicked with me (two years after first being introduced to this opportunity!!!) I finally said YES to something I (thought I knew about) had no clue what it would actually bring.


I get to do this whenever and wherever I want. I get to help people get their confidence back and believe in themselves again. I get to connect with like-minded people everyday and learn from mentors who have such an abundance of knowledge that they pour into us constantly. I'm learning and growing daily but at my own pace which is something I've never been in a position to do.