Work from phone!

Hey there! My name is Sarah!

I am so happy you are interested in learning more about what I do!

A little bit about me! My husband and I live in a little town in Michigan with our three kitties! We aspire to be parents one day when the time hits! I love crafting, wine drinking and spending time with friends and family!

I found this opportunity a few years ago on Facebook, a girl making money from her phone, paying cash for a brand new car and building her house. I thought no way this could be me! Until February of 2020 I was let go of my job and saw this opportunity again! I thought okay now is the time! I learned very soon that the opportunities are endless in this company and it became my passion! Now I am working this and hoping to make it a full time position very soon!

Because I said yes to this opportunity I have met some of the greatest most hard working people who share the same dreams/ goals as I do! I have been able to pay off credit cards and pay cash for gas and groceries now!

I know what it’s like to live pay check to paycheck, only putting $5 in gas because that all you have. I know what it’s like to have to go return pop cans to be able to pay off that last bill of the month. I also know how it feels to not have to worry it is truly a choice! You are capable! And you are worthy!

Before you fill out the application below here are a few things you will learn once you join my team.
- How to make a successful income from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or in person if you choose!
- How to inspire others and grow your network!
- How to grand yourself on social media!
- How to help others reach their goals and full potential!