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Three years ago I was starting a new relationship , transferring with my company, and trying to balance Dr appointments for my spectrum son. I was working 60+ hour weeks as a retail manager and had nothing to show for it. We were living with way more month than money. Depression set in as well as doubt. Shortly after transferring out of state 6 hours & away from all our friends and family, I was was told that my store would be closing.

Naturally being the only income, I was scared and we were at a crossroads yet again. One day I finally reached out to my now best friend, and made the decision to make a change. I was tired of living life on someone else’s terms. This time I took control.

Three years later we’ve paid off almost all of our debt, replaced my income, I get to be the “YES” mom I’ve always wanted to be, but most of all it’s given me my self worth back.

All with the help of the amazing culture with God at the center of everything, we are here to help you do exactly the same. Whatever financial freedom looks like for you, I want that for you too. I want you to have time for however you want to spend it. I want you to be able to live life without limits! And in this moment, you’re just one leap from a completely different life!

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