Snappin’ with Sarah

Mama. Wife. Nurse. Hope dealer. Master in sass.

Heyyy y’all! I’m Sarah and my passion in life is to help others feel and be their best selves!

I wanted to share a little bit about the 4 instant impact products I take daily that have helped me lose 30lbs in a little over 2 months along with so many other great benefits!

PLOS- our newest product that just launched this month!! It’s a delicious fat burning thermogenic and appetite suppressing creamer that you can add to any of your favorite beverages! It speeds up your metabolism and helps give an energy boost! Yassss!

BRAN- This is our day snap/packer that you will feel desecration within 15 minutes of taking it. This snap helps give you that all day natural energy without the jitters or crash! It also helps with improving mood, decreasing feelings of anxiety, improves focus, mental clarity, and provides craving/appetite control— just to name a few!

ZLEM- This is our night snap:packet that you take just before bed! This is going to burn fat and calories while you sleep- uhhh yes please!! It also improves serotonin (hello happy hormone), decreases inflammation, and improves sleep quality so you wake up feeling refreshed!

UUTH- this is our newest snap! It provides you with 3 GRAMS of Collagen! This is unlike any other collagen product our there! This snap is packed full of amazing benefits to help your body, mind, and soul with the added nitric oxide boosting benefits! Not to mention it tastes incredible— like strawberry jam! YUM! It is a staple to have for anti-aging! It also gives a little energy boost and aids in muscle strengthening/tone!! 💪🏼

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