Live Fearlessly Authentic

I stopped waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel and lit that myself

Hi! I’m Sarah! :)
21 and growing my business! Let me tell you about my story. In 2018, little 18 year old me was getting ready to graduate, had my cap, gown, class ring, all that jazz. I knew my whole senior year that I didn’t want to graduate or go to college because I knew that who I wanted become did not need neither of those things. I knew I had the potential to be successful, so 3 months before my graduation I dropped out to start my own coffee shop. However, it did not work out and every person in my life (besides my father) kept telling me to go back and go to college, which I ended up doing because I was to afraid to stand up for myself and strive for my future that I wanted.
I got my diploma, got into a college and moved to Bloomington, Minnesota. Unfortunately my whole reason of going to MN was to get away from the reservation I was living in and I saw it more of a vacation then a education. I failed every single class and I knew that getting a degree to work for someone else was not my thing. I was made for so much more! So I dropped out of college came back home and started working back at the enterprise I was already working at since I was 14.
Still yet I was scared to branch out and start my own business, I was afraid of being financially broken. I kept telling myself “I need to get something going, I will not stay here” every single day I was at work. When this opportunity came to start my own business I was thrilled! I quit my job from front desk and started going ALL IN!!! What I do is simple and now I get to teach others how they can be successful too! I help men and women ditch there 9-5, live there BEST life and empower them to dream big and never give up!

If you are at a place in life that has you unsure, uncomfortable in your success and you feel like you were meant for more? Then I’m ya girl! Reach out! If you want to build something of your own that gives you the flexibility to create a lifestyle that you want and travel wherever you like, at your own terms? Then this business is for you!!

I’m looking for people who are
-> Looking for financial freedom
-> Not lazy
-> Determined and passionate for change
-> Want an amazing community

I want you to know some points that you’ll learn when you join me! :)
-> How you can make an income from social media
-> How to brand yourself
-> How to grow your network
-> How to become a leader
-> How to create an aesthetic pleasing profile
-> How to educate, inspire, and help others

Now if this is for you, shoot me a dm “”ALL IN”” & I’ll get to you ASAP so you can see how this opportunity will change your life 💸