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My origin story

Hello, welcome to all things hair! My name is Sarah, I have been a hairstylist since 2018. Wow time flies. Being behind the chair is my passion and I’ve loved anything hair since I was a kid.

If you looked in the cabinet under my sink when I was 12 you would find about every hair product you could think of! I had some wild curls, of course every time I went to a salon it was not fun. Your hair is so big! Wow it’s so puffy. So 12 year old me decided I’m never going back. I was quick to pickup my scissors and go for it, that was the day I knew what I’d become.

My grades were always good, school always pushed for the 4 year universities. I got accepted quickly. It just wasn’t what was calling me! After a couple years of business school, I thought. Well if I’m not good at anything what kind of business could I run? I decided that’s it I’ll apply to cosmetology, if I get in it’s fate. & let’s just make a long story short, here I am. I love all things color, balayage, vivid colors, I love dimensional color I love it all. That’s what I surround myself in these days. Amazing down to earth people in my chair, and we talk like friends just catching up. I guess the narrative of my little story is do what you love and what you are passionate about because you have to do it everyday anyways, you can’t fail at something you are genuinely passionate about anyways because you’ll always keep pushing until you are where you want to be

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