Hi, nice to meet you

I’m a tech entrepreneur, obsessed with freedom, adventure and building happy remote teams

In 2014 I turned all my companies remote and stepped fully into the lifestyle I’d always wanted. Travel, adventure, freedom... without giving up my desire to build high-growth impact companies with people I love.

And now I’m helping the rest of the world create this for themselves too.

Growmotely is now live - growmotely.com - the world’s first platform to connect skilled and experienced professionals with amazing companies they’ll love, for full time job opportunities (with benefits!).

It’s 2021!

The office just ain’t for you anymore?

My new book

Conscious Leadership, A journey from ego to heart

Sarah’s journey from ego to heart reveals how to create a life of absolute freedom. She ditched everyone else's way of doing things and embraced deep inner work to connect with her unique way of leading. It was the key to creating an empowered and engaged team of people she loves working alongside and an abundant lifestyle she’d always imagined.

For Sarah, that lifestyle includes everything important in her life—working remotely with a global team, doing something she’s incredibly passionate about, traveling frequently, and waking up naturally each day (no alarms and rushed mornings!).

Sarah’s story will inspire you toward discovering your unique heart-centered existence as an entrepreneur, leader, and human.