Changing the narrative one day at a time! Ready to change yours?! 🤩

Hi guys!👋 I’m Sarah.
✨I am a married, two job working, college attending, mom of two young kiddos. I recently started an online kids clothing store, all while attending college online and we are almost in our 30’s. My husband runs his own company during the days also.. so to say we are busy is an understatement. But you know what we absolutely love everything about it. We love working for ourselves, making my own hours and fitting my job into mom life has been the best thing to ever happen to me.
✨Me and my business partners are working on creating our DREAM lives through social selling! I started switching my home products about a year and half ago to more environmentally friendly. Did research and began sharing my information with others. I then soon learned there was a network of SO many like minded people just seeking to be connected!
✨I am here to change our perspective of having the life you always dreamed of no matter where you start, how much experience you have or the amount of money in your bank account.
✨So, I started an online business sharing vegan, leaping bunny certified, anti-aging, hair and skin care products. I also have a kids clothing store online where I have found a community of mommas seeking adorable affordable clothes!

✨I chose modern nature above all that’s out there because let’s be honest, if I’m promoting something on social media it MUST be something I love and can morally support. This is a company I can completely get behind! Simply by partnering with a company who holds the same beliefs and values as me, this opportunity has provided an abundance of time freedom, lifelong friends, opportunities to travel the world for free, personal growth, financial success and more.