Sarah Lee Beckett

Coming home to our being through rewilding, touch work, breath and intuitive embodiment ritual

Sarah Lee Beckett is a guide and embodiment doula.

Intuitively guiding women who desire a deeper connection to their bodies, self trust and a remembrance of their own intuitive wisdom.

She offers six week 1:1 journeys for women, along with group courses and session work.

Her work is focused on re-awakening the bliss body through radical self love and gentle awareness. Remembering of ancient wisdom deeply rooted in the earth and our divine feminine flow.

Holding space for the remembrance of your own vastness. A gentle mirroring of all your fullness of being as you remember these deep mysteries of your body.


S O F T E N - a six week 1:1 journey for women who desire to create a deeper more loving relationship with their bodies and awaken to their intuitive wisdom

Limited space available

a four week group space to explore body awareness and self compassion through working with the cycles of nature and the body through ritual, meditation, womb and earth reconnection

Starts 5 May 2021

Sarah is also available for podcast interviews and guest appearances in online courses and spaces for the divine feminine.

My offerings


My prayer is that you remember your magic, touching your skin, and breathing deeply into your body and feel home.

Feel the most home and safe and knowing and remembering that you have always longed for deep within your womb. For you are magic and our bodies are a portal to the divine knowing and expression of this birthing forth.

If you feel called to journey into a space of radical love and reconnection to your body in the earth join me for
EARTH-BODY starting 5th May as a four week exploration.
In these four weeks we will explore:

🌹the four seasons within your cycle as women and how that connects you to the earth

🌹connect to our bodies through touch, breath and movement

🌹connect to the earth through beautiful rituals and plant wisdom

🌹tell stories and share ancient womb wisdoms

🌹cultivate a listening and self awareness within your body, creating more self trust and compassion

🌹reconnect with your womb space through cycle awareness practices and gently finding your flow with the inner seasons

4 weeks of journeying
4 seasons
4 plant guides
4 rituals
4 embodiment sessions

Personalized to your own cycle and flow as you deeply come home to your body in the earth.

$444 or R3500

Starts 5th May 2020 ✨🌹


If you have been desiring to:

- Soften into your body and cultivate more self compassion and care through guided meditations and rituals

- Awaken to your intuitive wisdom and cultivate a deep listening and self awareness of your inner magic

- Be gently held and supported as you create a space of love and deeply embodied bliss within your life

- Expand your awareness through breath, touch and sensation

- Soothe your nervous system and learn to hold space for all that you are feeling

Join me for S O F T E N

a six week 1:1 journey into the soft vast holding of your being

$750 for six weeks or payment option of $150 paid weekly

I work with 5 women at a time taking them through this journey so that I can dedicate my energy and love to you. Book a call or contact me to find out more.