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I have put together a wellness community for all, to ignite their fitness journey along side me and many others.

Accountability is the main reason many people fail to reach their goals. That is why it’s so important for me to build this online community of like minded individuals to come together to share, encourage and grow their journeys.

I have always been apart of sports teams where accountability was never a problem, until after college. My sports career ended and my motivation, health and journey started to snowball into unhealthy habits. I’d look in the mirror and hated what I’d let myself do.

Until recently, I took a risk that was way outside of my comfort zone. I needed something new. I needed that accountability back. In these last 6 months I have found my passion. I have grown as a women, girlfriend, and teacher. I have done things I never thought I could do! Most importantly I get to share it with everyone

If this is something that interests you, or you just want some more information— please reach out! I’m here for you and your journey to a better self ❤️

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A new beginning

Ready for a lifestyle transformation

Join this community of like minded individuals who crush goals, inspire others, grow together and most importantly support each other 🤘🏻