Meet Sarah

Skeptic turned Social Marketer

I joined Plexus 8 years ago with zero intention of doing anything more than taking the products. When I first clicked join, I had no idea what to expect. We were very skeptical, Gavin had a lot on the line being a Financial Advisor and we had heard a lot of negatives about network marketing, but after research over the company, executives, financials and comp plan...his boss approved him to join as did his company legal team! We instantly found a community of people that accepted us with open arms and cheered us on every step of the way in our health journeys. And just 2 years in, Gavin was able to retire in his 30’s and we went ALL IN with Plexus.

Our friend shared Plexus with us because of the dramatic results she personally saw in herself and her friends, and simply wanted to help others too! Now, this got me thinking...WHAT IF?! What if we started to see the changes we hoped and prayed for?

Guess what?! We did see the changes! We began feeling so much more energy throughout our days, my mood issues that I had been battling for years slowly went away, fast food and sugar cravings slowly decreased, our sleep was better {Gavin even stopped snoring!}, and we began to feel FREEDOM from health struggles that plagued us for years. And now, 8 years later, we support others just like you!

Work with me

Why Plexus?

Maybe you are looking for something to add value to your life outside of health. Perhaps it’s adding another revenue stream (smart!) or finding more community. I can attest to you these things can be found here.

I love all things business, entrepreneurial, team, and self-developmental. I also research. A lot. I have studied compensation structures of other similar business models quite extensively, and I can promise you nothing even remotely compares to what you find at Plexus. You are paid very generously here- and well, that’s always fun! In fact, that too can be life-changing.

Other business models have hidden loops or contingencies that you must do Y in this time frame to get Z, or maintain balance between A and B to earn C, or sustain D to not lose E. Yeah, no. How realistic or fair is something like that when you are trying to build a legacy business? You can’t always control those kinds of things long-term as you build a residual business.

Here, it’s straight-forward, fair (wait no— sometimes I wonder if fair is the right word because of how generous they are with us!), and simple. Your work generates strong compensation: unlimited levels across and all the way to seven levels deep you earn from. And each order adds up for you and your friends who are sharing so everyone is winning! And our compensation plan is unmatched out there. It just is. But on top of that, Plexus is always spoiling us rotten with prizes, trips, bonuses, and surprise value-adds!

Our businesses across Plexus are never in competition either, but instead we have what’s called a One Plexus culture, where we all help and encourage one another. Say bye the old ways of internal competition or “mean girl” attitudes. No, we do it right and rise by lifting others up!

Here, it’s possible to reach the highest dreams you may not even know you had. How do I know this? I have witnessed countless people do just this— including myself and husband. Whether your goals are small or massive, financial or personal, you can achieve them here! And our team has your back!