We are a small family run sweet shop in North Ayrshire.
We sell penny sweets , good old pick n mix & retro sweets to bring back all those good memories. We also sell gift boxes and special selection of goodies for the ones you love, if you can’t find what you are looking for then drop us a message and we would be happy to help.
We are just like any other local shop but with better prices ! 😉
Now the only problem you have now is trying to find out which sweets you want :)
we have hundreds in stock- the possibilities are endless !🍬

All payments are to be made via bank transfer or invoice where you can pay by card where possible to enable contactless delivery.
If that’s not possible contact us to arrange cash payment / delivery.

The sweets and treats we sell are made up in business premises that are equipped for food prep. We take health and safety very seriously and use gloves, aprons, tongs and extra measures to ensure all our products are handled and stored hygienically.

Get your sugar fix!

We have so many sweet treats for you to sink your teeth into !

Try our sweet cones

Sweet cones available for parties , special occasions or just as a wee treat in front of the tv.
Fill with any sweet you like . We have a range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, sugar free available:)

Prices start at £1.50

We also supply sweet cones for parties and special events. We have a huge range of themes available such as Fortnite, LOL , paw patrol etc . Send a message to see our full list

Personalised also available with 1 week notice due to covid-19 may be longer ; please check with us first x

Sweet boxes and gifts

Our 7” sweet boxes contain all your favourite sweets . Choose from fizzy, gummy, liquorice, foamy and chocolate.
We also have larger boxes available and small fun boxes.
7” box bursting with goodies , mix and match or go for a mystery box. Also available as a gift 💝
Prices start at £8.49

Happy treat boxes

These mini sweet boxes are so cute you just can’t resist. Filled to the brim with tasty treats why not buy for a wee pick me up for yourself or send to a loved one or friend who has the lockdown blues 💜

At £5 each they are a huge hit and selling fast, grab one today .

Mega box

Our mega box is a massive 1kg box crammed full of sweets , crisps and juice of your choice.
This bad boy is perfect for 2 people who want a night cuddling up in front of the sofa with their favourite sweeties.

Box contains
* 1kg sweets
* 2 cans of juice (excluding energy drinks and specialised drinks)
* 2 share bags of crisps or regular crisps

All of this for £14.99 ♥️

Nestle milkybar box

Nestle box filled with creamy white chocolate.

Kinder box

This Kinder box is so indulgent. Spoil yourself or someone special!

Irn bru 330ml can

Irn bru 330ml can

Coke 330ml can

Coke 330ml can

Specialised and collectors edition drinks

These aren’t your average run of the mill drinks you know. These are for die-hard fans, enthusiasts and general special people. All of these products are imported from the USA 🇺🇸 and therefore are much higher in price.

(eBay is selling some of these products for £2.20 but with a staggering £21 shipping for 1 item. )
We are selling these at cost to bring you the most exciting products and best deals possible ♥️

Dragonball Z piccolo warrior energy drink

Dragon Ball Z Piccolo Warrior Power Energy Drink - 12fl.oz (355ml)

Gear up for your next battle with 12 ounces of sweet liquid energy drink! This fun energy drink features artwork on the can of Piccolo. Great for collectors and fans of Dragon Ball Z.

£3.49 each

Dragonball Z spirit bomb energy drink

Dragonball Z Spirit Bomb Energy Drink 12oz (355ml)

Featuring Goku the main protaganist of the Dragon Ball Z series this sweet and refreshing Dragon Ball Z Spirit Bomb Energy Drink will give you the extra boost you'll need to defend yourself from Aliens, Androids or just about any other creature who may be lurking out there!

£3.49 each

Harry Potter butterbeer

Flying Coldron Butterscotch Beer Bottle 355ml

A delicious butterscotch beer, inspired entirely by the Harry Potter films. A classic taste and non-alcoholic. The perfect gift for any Harry Potter or Wizard fan!

£4.99 each

Harry Potter -tears of a wizzard

A must for HARRY POTTER fans!
Tears of a wizard is a cream soda potion mixed with magical ingredients including the tears or a wizard creating a drinkable potion to give true believers magical powers that is also completely sugar free.

£4.99 each

Harry Potter - serpents venom drink

A must for any HARRY POTTER fan!
Serpents venom is a lemonade potion mixed with some very magical ingredients including the venom of a serpent creating a drinkable potion with a real bite that is also sugar free
£4.99 each

Harry Potter - basilisk blood

A must for any HARRY POTTER fan!
Basilisk blood is a mixed fruit flavoured potion blended with magical ingredients including the blood of the mystically basilisk creating a drinkable potion to give true believers mythical powers that is also completely sugar free

£4.99 each

Harry Potter - unicorn essence

A tropical fruit flavoured potion mixed with magical ingredients including the essence of a Unicorncreating a drinkable potion to give true believers the power of flight that is also completely sugar free.
£4.99 each

Rick & Morty operation Phoenix

Rick & Morty Operation Phoenix Clone Serum Energy Drink - 12fl.oz (355ml)

Fans of Rick & Morty will be familiar with Operation Phoenix, one of Rick's crazy experiments, the effects of which are seen in several episodes of the show! This sweet "Clone Serum" energy drink features a cloned Rick when he woke up in the body of a shrimp (in a fascist world of course)! This energy drink is great for fans of Rick & Morty and will look great on your shelf as a collector's item!

£3.49 each

Rick and Morty Fleeb juice energy drink

Rick & Morty Fleeb Juice Energy Drink - 12fl.oz (355ml)

Rick and Morty fans will love this Rick & Morty Fleeb Juice Energy Drink, based on the popular American adult animated science fiction sitcom. This fun beverage is bright pink in colour and bubblegum flavoured. Perfect when your energy is flagging and you're looking for a sweet pick me up. Wubba lubba dub dub!

£3.49 each

Krakatoa foam - Raspberry

Formerly known as Creamola Foam. We think this product perfectly captures the classic taste! Try today for a blast from the past.

Krakatoa foam - Orange

Formerly known as Creamola Foam. Perfectly captures the classic taste! Try today for a blast from the past.

We also deliver ....

Juice and crisps

We also stock 2ltr juice
330ml cans
A huge range of crisps : walkers, golden wonder, Doritos , pringles....
Message to find out our full stock list

Text or WhatsApp- 07845715119

Address -
brownhill drive

Email- sweetsordered@gmail.com

Payment via bank transfer , PayPal or cash

To all our customers old and new . Take care of each other and be safe 🌈 x