Sarah || Virtual assistant

All about me and what I can offer!

Hi there,

I’m Sarah and I am a virtual assistant. This means I support you in your business to take on some of the lesser/more time consuming jobs so you can free up more time to focus on your business! 👩🏻‍💻

I have many other passions such as education, advisement and travelling, in my time I have solo travelled in the most cost effective way, keeping expenses to a minimum! My favourite place to visit was Slovenia 🇸🇮

These skills I gained helped me massively in organisation, time management and being cost effective, so let’s see how this will help you!

My services include:

- Data Entry
- Calendar management
- E-Mail management
- Travel/holiday management
- Corporate gift management
- Word processing/presentation making
- Research
- CV/cover letter writing and invoicing
- Templates: E-Mail, letter, invoice
- Editing, typing and proof reading
- Social media management
- Instagram follower clean up
- Building professional relations

Although this list is long, I hold many other skills so please do have a discussion with me surrounding the services your company... or personal life needs!

My job is to support you as best I can! ☺️

Hope to see you in my DMs,

Sarah 🥳

Service pricing

Allowing you time to do the job you love!

Hi there,

So, as you read on the previous page, I can offer a range of services both admin and social media managed to support your business! 👩🏻‍💻

You are probably wondering... oh how much will this cost? 💎

The good news is, virtual assistants are actually cheaper than hiring full time members of staff for less/one off jobs and admin duties!

Pricing is as follows:

Ad-hoc one/two hour jobs - £21 per hour

This means if you have a tight deadline or are under time pressures and just wish you had a couple of tasks taken away, you can remove that stress for £21!

Up to 5 hours a week - £20 per hour

Thinking of needing more regular work and admin jobs completed in your week? By hiring a virtual assistant for more hours, you can have much more quality of work produced and a higher amount completed in one week! This also works out cheaper than the ad-hoc payments!

Up to 10 hours per week - £19 per hour

This package is suitable for the growing businesses! You can hire a virtual assistant to social media manage and complete admin duties for your company at a lower cost, removing the jobs you find time consuming from your own day!

Up to 25 hours per week - £18 per hour

This is the largest package and most suitable for those busy businesses who need an extra pair of hands to support the growth and development of your business!

We know how difficult it can be to manage so many different elements in a business, allow yourself some breathing space or time for self-care - you deserve it! ☀️

So what are you waiting for?

Drop me a DM - 🥳

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