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Knowing that we may be doing long distance for quite some time in the next few years, I have complied a little something that would keep you going (until you are in my arms again huhu). Swipe next & read each one according to how you are feeling 🙈


only according to how you are feeling whenever I am not around to cheer you up ehe

An "Open When" card with a modern twist! Below are some of the emotions that you may (often 🌚) be feeling so breeze through according to the pages stated for more supwiseeeeee!

It is your 2nd Valentines Day 🤭

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You are happy! 🥳

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You are sad ☹

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You are frustrated 🥲

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You are stressed 🤯

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You miss me 🥺

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Time flies so fast & I am thankful for you each and everyday 💖

Dear bie,

Its been almost a month plus since we last met, hugged, kissed and spent quality physical time together. It sucks a whole lot but I would never ever want to do this with anyone else but you ❤

Before I say anything, I would like to say Thank You ❤

💍 Thank you for being the best valentines
💍 Thank you for loving me
💍 Thank you for choosing me
💍 Thank you for being so understanding
💍 Thank you for all your sacrifices
💍 Thank you for being my best friend
💍 Thank you for being my other half

Firstly, I apologise if my surprises have not been so grand lately (even with the anniversary) 🥺 im working with what I know (and have) at the moment. Give me some time yeah baby 😘

I know things have not been smooth for you in terms of money recently, but you still manage to put on a smile & conquer the world like the hardworking person you are! I cannot wait to just be in your arms again because that would make me the happiest alive 🥺❤ All I want is you and only you, baby.

Ever since the first day I met you, I never knew that you were gonna impact me as much. At the same time, I am glad I found someone that loves me so unconditionally, loves me enough through my flaws and imperfection, loves me through thicc and thin & loves me simply coz I am me.

I love how you smile whenever I put on my geram face, I love how you spend time with my family, I love how you treat me when we are together in public, I love how you are so soft with me and I love how you are so independent when you are around your family ❤

I never ever wanna share you with anyone ever 🙈

I've never been so sure about anyone in my life before. Truth be told, it is fucking scary. Yes, there are times where I do think what it would be like if we are no longer together? And honestly, that would be my most biggest nightmare. I won't know how to even survive without my soulmate in my life anymore.

Yes, you are the happiest & scariest thing that has and will ever happen to me. 🥺

But no matter what happens in this life (and the next) I would do it all over again & again. I would choose you over and over again. I would want you to be my forever Valentine because we are just meant to be 🤭❤

With that said, Happy Valentines Day, my one true valentine 💖 I love you 365, forever 🍀