Hey y'all! I'm Sara!

Hi! My name is Sara and let me share a little bit about myself!

I'm 31 years old & from the beautiful state of Texas. I've been married to my husband John for 8 years and together we have 3 beautiful babes. Garrett- 5, Emilia- 3 and Charleigh- 1.

About 2 weeks after I had my daughter Charleigh, I started suffering severely with Post Partum Depression. I knew that it must of been PPD but could not find a lot of helpful information on how to deal with it. I almost took my own life a short couple of weeks after suffering and went to a treatment facility to get the proper professional help I so desperately needed.

After I got out of treatment I had a long road ahead of me. Long story short, I had gained 50lbs in a short couple of months due to my medication, I was waking up on empty trying to then survive the day giving everything I had to everyone else and I no longer loved myself nor could look at myself in the mirror. I was at rock bottom. I was exhausted, struggled with my mood, all day snacking and took daily naos in my car on lunch breaks. My kids and husband suffered the most as I had little patience.

In July 2020, my life changed. I decided to take a leap and said YES to a 5 day sample of a simple 3 step premium grade nutrition program. I immediately fell in love with the products and hit the promoter button and joined the most amazing sisterhood and community. I became a Le-Vel VIP Promoter and am so grateful that I did.

I'm able to work my business from my phone anywhere and at anytime. In 2 short months, my team has hit the second rank of the company and have changed hundreds of lives of mama's who were struggling just like we were.

My life has changed in every way possible. Not only have I changed physically but I am now becoming the woman, wife and mama that I always dreamed of becoming. I've gone from living paycheck to paycheck, to being free financially. My passion is to not be silent about mental health and normal struggle of motherhood. As well as changing as many lives as possible. Will you be one of them?

Ask yourself these questions...
Are you stuck?
Are you waking up on empty?
Are you constantly exhausted and running low on patience?
Are you healthy?
Are you living the life you have always dreamt of?

I am here to tell you that you are not only worthy, but you are capable of living that life!

Please message me if you are curious or have any questions! It doesn't hurt to ask. You won't be stuck into anything and I would love to help you!

What's the worst that could happen.....? You're life could completely change for the better?

You CAN sit with my team!