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I was born and raised in a small little town called Nixa, Missouri. I loved my small town! As a kid there was so much to do there, I was used to it, and that’s where my family is! In 2010 I graduated hs and attended Missouri State University in the fall! Whoowho home of the Bears. Joined a sorority and found some of my closest girlfriends!! My best friend and I visited Los Angeles, California before graduating and we both absolutely fell in love! I was destined to live there! The culture, the views, the traffic - (I know crazy right but I just appreciated the amount of people in one area), the mountains, and the ocean! Everything was like nothing I’d seen before and I wanted more.

After graduating, I packed up my car and my little fur ball (Mia girl) and headed across country from Springfield, Missouri to Manhattan Beach, California. I stepped out, planted my feet, and 6 years later I am still calling California home! I met my boyfriend (of 2 years) in Long Beach, California! What a coincidence we went to college together but move to LA separately- mm I think fate! We currently live in our little one bedroom with Mia girl in the South Bay of Los Angeles🤍

We’ve since found a passion for nontoxic, clean, and vegan products! We realized how many horrible ingredients were in our everyday soaps and detergents. I didn’t want to be the one touching those chemicals anymore so we switched and we switched EVERYTHING! You could say the rest is history! Our new products have changed our hair & skin in ways I never thought was possible. We’re an all around natural and clean loving family now! PTL🙏🏻 Making a residual income is just a bonus! Why not promote the products we love and use everyday? It just helps pay those bills and keep us in expensive California!

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