Hello fellow dreamers, welcome to the fun! —

My name is Sarina Newton, I am 19 years old and here to help others ascend & align so they can make their dreams a reality and achieve their higher purpose here. ⇗☪︎

Let’s start with where it all began… I remember being 17 and being so utterly broken & broke.

I started online school my junior year of highschool and everyday I woke up to live the same nightmare. I was just going through the motions, no change or growth.

I had no direction as to what was next after Highschool…

College wasn’t for me and even if it was I had no money.
Getting a 9 to 5 sounded like an eternity of misery.
Getting one to two weeks of vacation time from a job sounded awful.
Someone controlling my schedule and day to day life also sounded miserable.

Let’s just say doing the SAME exact thing every single day for SOMEONE else… wasn’t my passion. Even with how broke & broken I was, I knew with my entire being that I somehow was made for more.

One day.. I was on my way to my local library in Norman, OK (not for a book, I hated reading are you kidding?!) to grab something for someone else and I was so desperate for change so I Googled “life changing books” (I didn’t even know what Personal Development was) and a book called “A Man’s Search for Meaning” popped up. I searched the entire library and finally landed on it..

I read maybe a chapter and decided to sell nearly everything I owned to move to Vegas for a business opportunity.. and that is where it all began.

One thing led to another and now here we are… I’ve dipped my toes into a couple different career paths.
☞ Loan Officer Assistant
☞ Marketing
☞ Influencer Manager / Instagram Growth Agency
☞ Network Marketing
☞ Licensed Life Insurance Agent (in progress)

What I’ve found on this insane journey is that everything you seek can be found within. Everything you desire, you can have. Everything you can dream of, can be yours.

You are not lacking anything but maybe belief.

These dreams & desires were not placed upon you with no purpose. They are yours but nobody can bring them to fruition but you.

I would love to help guide & lead you to your higher purpose here. If you are interested in possibly working together or even just connecting, DM me!

You can also gain some insight on what I do & who I am through my many highlights.

My question to you is will you evolve or remain?
Do what sets your soul on fire & achieve your burning desires˟˟

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My YouTube Channel

Recently decided to take the leap and start a YouTube channel!
I’ve been getting so many requests to start a channel so here we are:)
There will be a variety of content uploaded here.
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☞ Spiritual Lessons
☞ Travel Vlogs
☞ Day in the life
☞ etc