This is me♡︎

My Story

Hey loves! :)
Appreciate the time y’all took to click on this & read about ‘who i am’ ^-^
First of, i’d like to introduce myself;
I’m 23 years old. I am a mother to my daughter Gianna. I am the oldest out of 4 sisters. I do love animals, a couple of pups(chihuahuas) so call me an ‘animal lover’ LOL
I dropped out of HS my senior year due to low credits and at the end was able to obtain my GED and study to become a CNA. But after i fell pregnant & covid hit i decided to pause my studies & on hand training to focus on myself/health.
I necessarily don’t have an interesting life but i try to make the best of it! I come to realize, now that i have a daughter i never wanted to be MORE successful and succeed so that she and I can have a better life.
I started this business not so long ago, as part time, for extra income to help pay my bills, put food on my table for my family and DEF save for my daughter’s college. For the past year, just like everyone else, we all had PT/FT jobs that weren’t paying enough but minimum wage and with all that hard work i was definitely not getting paid ENOUGH! So the thing that led me here... is HOPE, freedom, independence!
I realized having a minimum wage job and studying wasn’t enough to pay my bills, go on vacations, & do fun things i wanted to do. I was struggling to make a living, with only $40 after paying my car bills, rent, etc. I decided to change my life around by doing what i love... & thats helping people. Either with accomplishing their goals or their lifestyle. But that’s ofc till i fixed my own complications & worked around to accomplish my goals. I am a big dreamer. I do wanna live in a nice home with a swimming pool in my backyard, having sunday bbqs with my family and friends. Buying clothes, shoes, owning my own car, etc..
I just knew there had to be more than just sitting around all day dreaming and talking about what I want when i can be working for it!
I quickly found myself lost until i saw an opportunity on Instagram to work online. After a couple weeks feeling skeptical and super nervous, i took a ginormous leap of faith and decided to do it! Long story short, here i am months later and it continues to be the best decision i ever made!! The future never looked so bright!! I’m still super stoked that words can’t even freaking describe it! I NO LONGER HAVE FINANCIAL STRESS!
With this business, WE get to decide what we wanna do everyday. WE have the ability to travel all the time. & spend more time with family/friends!Every morning, i wake up to my beautiful daughter & excited about what i get to do. I am surrounded around by strong, self-assertive, aspiring, independent women/men who brightens my day, encourages my success and most importantly believes in me.
My life is now mine. I control my income, I control my schedule, I control my goals and my success. I am in control of my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way.
If you're anything like me, and don't want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else, clocking into a job that has no flexibility, and having a capped salary. Or maybe you like your current job, but you'd like an extra side hustle to increase that monthly cash flow then you’re in the right place! JUST DM ME:))