Samantha Asher

What I do

Hi there! My name is Samantha Asher, Co-founder of Game Changers, investor, mentor and entrepreneur running a six figure online business. Seeing how you stumbled across my page you are curious about what it is that I do. Well I would like to congratulate you on achieving the first step to financial freedom!

Tired of working long hours on end? How about having your paycheques eaten up by your bills? Or not being able to live the lifestyle you want because of your financial situation?

I can help with all of that! I work with a educational platform that offers education on the financial markets. Why work with myself and team you ask? Here’s why:
1) You will learn how to make multiple streams of income
2) Obtain financial literacy
3) One on one/group trainings
4) Mentorship to build your business here (if that’s something you would like to do)

Making money through your phone/laptop is VERY much possible in this day and age. I’m doing it, my team is doing it and you can too! Yes, trading and investing does involve risks but so does everything in life. That risk you’re so scared to make could end up being the one to change your life.

iGenius has various modules of the 3 major financial markets: Crypto, Forex and Equity. Why bother spending a huge amount of time trying to learn by yourself, When instead you can use that time more efficiently by learning from a team of 6-7 figure earners, mentors and expert traders.

Perks of joining:
• Education on crypto, forex and equity markets
• LIVE training sessions with experts every week (they are recorded so you’ll never miss one)
• Crypto AI that automatically trades for you
• Discounted NDAU access
• Affiliate marketing trainings
• Up to 65% off ALL travel expenses (hotels, airfare, car rentals, cruises etc)
• Last but not least an amazing community of amazing people to help you out!

iGenius has partnered with multiple companies such as EndoTech, NDAU, Wanderlust and more. We leverage a system where we copy a team of experts and apply their results to get expert results.

We offer four packages for memberships that are best suited for your financial needs/lifestyle. See them on the next page!

iGenius Platform