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Our Passion

At Sassi Fit we understand the expectations and pressures faced by women in today’s society. We understand that every woman was created in their own unique mould. No two women are the same size shape or personality. Every woman deserves to have a positive relationship with exercise and fitness. Sassi Fit is an inclusive fitness space. We cater for all women, whether you are a gym junkie who wants to change it up, a runner who wants to learn how to strength train, a mum who wants an hour to herself or you have never stepped foot in a gym before and you want us to help change your life. We cater for you.
At Sassi Fit we recognise that traditional gym environments can be intimidating and unforgiving. We recognise that the pressures placed on women and in particular mothers and how they should ‘look’, ‘behave’, or ‘prioritise’ are unrealistic and harmful. As mothers we understand that your body changes after having children and to expect women to ‘bounce back’ to their pre baby shape is often impossible. We also understand the importance of training safely during and post pregnancy.
We understand that each woman is unique and we deliver a service that supports each individuals needs. Whether you have injuries or disabilities that are not catered to in the ordinary gym environment, you have pelvic floor instability or diastasis recti, whether you are yet to think about having children or your children are fully grown, we cater for you and your needs.

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