Welcome to Sassy Classy Cups & More

I’m glad you’re here

Welcome to Sassy Classy Cups! A girl in a small town with huge dreams making them happen! I’ve always loved art and this is a small way I can contribute my love for art and hopefully have others love the product just as much as I do!

Sassy Classy Cups began in a small town in Dry Creek Louisiana. It all began with house murals to now cups and more!

Sassy Classy Cups has a broad range of products with cups being the main item! I will also be making resin jewelry,phone cases, and vinyl printed T-shirts in the near future! I also offer denim jacket paintings!

About the owner

A little about me


My name is Liana! I’m the owner of Classy Sassy Cups and more! I started the business after I had a leg injury and couldn’t work after. My husband decided that he wanted to push me towards my goals and set me up with a tumbler and now I go crazy with it!

My goal is no two designs alike. When you order through me I make sure every cup has something unique to it because each person is unique. Everyone has a quirk to them. Soon I will hide “Easter eggs” on the cup. This means each cup will have something small from me personally on it!

I hope to expand quickly and meet someone in every state so I can have a representative in every state!

Becoming a representative

How to be a Rep

Be active with SCC!

Engage in posts! A lot of times I will post a poll please answer those!

Email me and describe stuff you like and why I should choose you

Describe yourself! Give me an idea of what you like!


This is the MAIN thing I look for!!! I want to see you constantly engaging with my items and spreading the word that you support SCC!