What is a Sassy State of Mind?

The Sassy Sate of Mind is knowing your worth and not putting up with anyone telling you different. It’s a happy, confident, loving state of mind.

When I started working on myself and began this self-love journey, I didn’t really know where to start to really love myself rather then just feel good in a bathing suit. I knew loving myself consisted of a lot more then that. So I researched so much content, I followed other women who were doing exactly what I wanted and felt the way I wanted to feel.

But none of it was making me feel whole and complete with myself, so I decided to write down a few things I thought would be helpful for me on this journey, and to my surprise…the steps I wrote down ended up changing my life.

I have never in my life been as confident, happy, or felt as complete as I do today! But I can’t keep these steps and this state of mind all to myself!!

I knew as I started to grow, that this was going to be something I made a goal of mine. To show other’s that your mindset is EVERYTHING when it comes to loving yourself and that’s what the Sassy Stare of Mind is. A mindset. So join me and let’s get you in that Sassy State of Mind.