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Sati is a Filipino brand who offers collapsible, compact, and affordable menstrual cups. It comes with a handy case to carry the cup around and keep it clean and safe. Its design means it can collapse down flat so, you can easily put it in your pocket or purse, simply collapse the cup and put it in the case, then you’re good to go!

A menstrual cup is worn internally, collects menstrual fluid rather than absorbs, so you will not feel uncomfortable and dry down there. Menstrual cups prevent odor, bacterial infections, and rashes. Unlike pads and tampons, a menstrual cup is reusable and can last for years.

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Did you know that around 45 billion tonne of single-use period products end up in landfills and waterways around the globe each year? Menstrual cups are reusable which means there's less waste to clog up our landfills and fewer trees sacrificed to make the paper-based alternatives.

Unlike tampons, menstrual cups collect fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your interior naturally lubricated. Cups don’t contain chemicals found in tampons and pads, such as bleach and dioxin. Menstrual fluid develops an odor when exposed to air. Menstrual cups eliminate this issue. 


You can swim, surf, hike, bike, travel, play sports, do yoga or party until the sun comes up!


A menstrual cup can be reused for years, instead of spending money on tampons or sanitary napkins each month, you can save some cash by using menstrual cups.

You can wear a cup up to 12 hours, depending on your flow before emptying it!

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A menstrual cup comes with two (2) different sizes: small and large. 

 SMALL – recommended for first time user; low to medium cervix; have light to moderate flow.

 LARGE – Medium to high cervix; moderate to heavy flow.

Cup firmness:
Body - Soft average
Rim - Firm average

REMEMBER! Your size will still vary on your own preferences. You can also consult with your gynecologist if you want. These descriptions are just samples to help you consider your liking. Feel free to message us if you have any questions.

Sati Cup is great for individuals who have a sensitive bladder, urethra, or bowel. And for those who do vigorous activities, sports, and workouts.

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How to use a menstrual cup

Before using your Sati Cup for the first time you should sterilize
the cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remember not to let the
cup touch the bottom of the pot.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly. 

2. Apply water or a water-based lube to the rim of the cup. 

3. Press one side by folding it down and in to the inside, resembling the letter “M”. Then fold the cup halfway. (Push Down fold) Find a comfortable position in which your vaginal muscles are relaxed (as when you put a tampon) – a squat or one foot raised to a support.

4.  Insert the cup, rim up, into your vagina. It should sit a few inches below your cervix. 

5. Once the cup is in your vagina, it will pop open to create an airtight seal that stops leakage. To check if your Sati Cup is open, run your finger around the middle part of the cup, if you feel an indent use your thumb or your index finger to nudge upward the indented part or you can twist the base of the cup to make it fully open.

You shouldn’t feel your menstrual cup if you’ve inserted the cup correctly. You should also be able to move, jump, sit, stand, and do other everyday activities without your cup falling out.

We highly suggest for the first-time users to empty your cup every 3-4 hours to avoid leakage, on heavy days you might need to empty your Sati Cup up to three times a day but later in your cycle, you will likely find you only need to take it out once a day. It is not recommended you leave your Sati Cup in for more than 12 hours – ideally, you should empty it every 6-8 hours.

As long as your Sati Cup is the right size, is inserted correctly and emptied when needed, it shouldn’t leak. However, like tampons leaks can happen from time to time – especially if your cup hasn’t opened out properIy.

Others chose to wear a cloth liner as a safeguard while they get used to cup life. Getting the hang of using a menstrual cup can take a while. Give yourself at least 3 cycles to learn the ropes to work out what works best for you.

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How to remove a menstrual cup

First, you need to wash your hand before removing your menstrual cup. Second, find a comfortable position, either sitting on the toilet or squatting. Using your abdominal muscles, bear down as if you are having a bowel movement—this will help push your menstrual cup slightly down in your vagina and make it easier for grasping. 

The stem on the bottom of the cup can be used to find your cup when you want to remove it. (The stem can be trimmed down to whatever length you're most comfortable with.) Simply pulling on the stem is not recommended to remove the cup, as pulling it down will create suction. 

Reach up to the stem of the cup in order to find the base. Using your index finger and thumb, pinch the base to release the seal. Gently and slowly ease the cup out of your vagina. Empty the contents of the cup, rinse/wipe and reinsert.

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How to clean a menstrual cup

When your period is over, wash your cup thoroughly with mild soap and rinse, then put in boiling water 3-5 minutes, remember not to let the cup touch the bottom of the pot or you can use your sterilizer cup. Fill your sterilizer cup with water 3/4 full. (Make sure it’s not completely full to ensure it does not overflow) Do not close the lid, just place it loosely on top.

Place the sterilizer (with your menstrual cup inside) into the microwave. Microwave for 1-2 minutes, or enough time to bring the water to a boil and to leave it boiling for a few minutes. After it is boiled be careful not to burn yourself – the sterilizer will be very hot. 

Once the water has cooled down, you can take out your menstrual cup. Dry the cup with a clean towel then store it in its bag for proper ventilation. Only use its case if you need to bring your cup with you. Take good care of your cup, and it can last you for years!

Sati Cup is made of FDA (USA) registered medical-grade silicone. It's 100% free of bleach, perfume, Latex, BPA, harmful substances, and anything that doesn’t belong inside your body.

Our Sterilizer cup is made out of 100% food-grade silicone. Microwaved safe, BPA Free, and Non-Toxic.

Our menstrual cup case is made of (PP) plastic. It’s considered the safest of all plastics. PP is recyclable and doesn't release any toxins. It could be reused multiple times.

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