What is Sauvé Jolie? Let's start with the pronunciation…

It is french, pronounced
soh-VAY ZHow-LIY.
Translated it means…
rescued pretty.

Which is not only what happens to the furniture I rescue but also, it is the story of my dog Harper. She is my rescue dog and she is the prettiest dog of all time. Yes, i am a bit biased. Since I rescued her and would rescue a dozen more, I decided to give back to shelters that take care of pets until they find their forever homes by donating 10% of all items sold to Shelters globally.

Additionally, If you purchase a piece from me, you can choose the shelter if you have one and the donation will be made in your name.

Hi! I’m Chrissie

Furniture artist, Dog Mom, Coffee Addict,

They say, sometimes, your passions find you and this was the case without a doubt.

I opened my instagram and a furniture artist randomly popped up. I was intrigued and dove deep on her page. I then found a couple more artists rescuing, recreating and reviving furniture and I was instantly hooked and knew I needed to do this.

Most days, you can find me painting and trying new techniques that turn rescued pieces of furniture into new creative keepsakes.

It is truly addictive! Taking look at something and re-imagine all the possibilities that the piece will become, whether it be an item I create and keep for my home, of restyled furniture for my clients, or that are posted for sale.