hey guys ♡
my names savannah (: I’m here in Albuquerque New Mexico livin’ life with my 2 baby girls.
About a year ago I was blessed to have been introduced to hands down the best company ever! At this point in my life my hair was CrYiN’ for help.. lifeless & dry. It was so bad I’d come home from shows & it’d just break off when I brushed it.💀 SoOo when I started seeing my progress with these products, I thought like why not learn about these products & share them to also help other people feel good about their hair & skin too yk? Who knew it’d help not only help my hair & skin but my mindset too! Becoming a “beauty influencer” not only have I learned about the science behind our products but I’ve also learned a lot about myself. This company is vegan & uses non toxic ingredients which is great but I also love knowing my money is in the hands of a caring company that wants to contribute to good things in this world. They care so much they even help push us become the best version of ourselves. 🖤
Ps. I’m also a server & I love serving so this is cool to me because it let’s me serve in a fun way I enjoy (:

If your interested in our products or wanna find out more about this opportunity fill out my application & I’ll get back to you ت can’t wait to talk!