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Professional Services

Master is a professional dominant (Pro Dom), play partner, therapeutic sex coach & intimacy educator who travels worldwide teaching and providing services for individuals and groups.

Services and classes offered by Master focus on kink education, sexual healing and trauma release. All services use energy based healing techniques to help individuals and couples restore balance and align their mind, body and spirit.

Master is a professional who has taken the time to learn about the kink services provided and enjoys membership in a sorority of professional dominants whereby education and resources are used to serve and grow the collective.

Energy based services are electrifying, tantalizing and healing. While the energy can be arousing, note;
none of the provided services include mutual sexual activity, we do not have sex with any of our clients.

Sexual energy is sacred. Keeping sexual energy balanced and aligned is essential to wellbeing. The provided services allow our clients to explore their physical, mental, emotional and sexual limits in a safe, judgment-free, and professional setting.

Who benefits from energy services?

Everybody benefits from our services.

•Singles who want to explore and practice,
•Partnered people wanting to broaden their perspective and get comfortable bringing up such desires to their partner
•Couples who want to learn and explore independently and collectively.

Kink is for everybody. While Master only performs kinks and fetishes that have been thoroughly studied, nothing is too taboo for conversation starters to see how you may benefit from the services that are offered.

Explore your Fantasies

Private Sessions

Welcome to the Haus of Master, Let's explore your limits in a safe space and judgment free zone. From the vanilla to the taboo, you are allowed to explore kinks for you:

Session ideas:
Date night outing
Date night with intimacy,
Energy: Reiki and Tantra
Face sitting
Fantasy Play
Financial Domination, TPE
Goddess Worship (Breast, Yoni, feet),
Humiliation (SPH, cashmeet, drains),
Human Furniture,
Impact (Flogging, spanking, paddling)
Massage (FBSM, Lingam, Mutual)
Pet training,
Sensory deprivation,
Sensual conversation,

Expand your perspective

Master of Energy

The energy of our physical chakras dictate our actions.

Root and sacral energy centers hold the energy of our physical desires, but also our physical trauma. Separation of the two helps balance the sexual and sensual energy housed in the body, mind and spirit.

Energy is limitless. Energy is transferable. Energy can be manipulated. Energy can be shared. Energy should be protected.

Tantric energy is not about sex, sex acts or sexual release. Tantric energy is about expanding the boundaries of the self, pushing past limits and invigorating, balancing and healing the whole self. Are you ready to explore the edges of pleasure?

Professional Domination  —

Pay to Play

Professional Domination is a mutual agreement whereby the submissive willingly gives control of elements of the their life to The Dominant; rules, boundaries and consent are all respected.

Master specializes in psychological kinks & fetishes.

Financial Domination is a psychological kink whereby the submissive willingly gives control of their finances to the Dominant. Opportunities vary from tributes and gifts sent to the Dominant daily/ weekly/ monthly to Total Financial Submission (TFS), whereby the Dominant is given total financial control which includes access to bank and stock accounts, deeds and titles and power of attorney. The kink is knowing Master is in control of it all.

Extortion & Black mail: are psychological kinks where the submissive pays Master to keep their naughty secrets. Master wants to know the nature of your skullduggery; does it involve infidelity, theft or murder? What are you hiding from your friends, boss or significant other? All trespassers may approach to divulge the misdeed they wish to keep stored in Master's vault, a secret, only to be released when they fail to appease.

Total Power Exchange (TPE) & Virtual Collaring: psychological kink in which you belong to Master and will act according to Master's commands. In private, public, at your job, with your friend and on vacation with your family, Master is in control and you will do as Master wishes.

Intimacy coach & Play partner: Master ultimately wants you to be successful. A safe space has been cultivated to stimulate the senses of the mind, body and spirit, from sensations, conservation and experimentation, exploration of your kinks are encouraged. What's your fantasy?

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Intimate conversation

Getting to know you

It all starts with clarity of intention.
A discussion on consent.
Agreement of both parties.
Exchange of energy.

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Lifestyle of service —

Opportunities for submissives & betas

Opportunities for services are always available. submissives may approach respectfully; tribute in hand.

Be ready to offer money, gifts or services that make Master's life easier and more pleasant.

Disobedience will not be tolerated.