Tell the world what you’re made of

Hi guys! My name is Shelbie Pierce (also known as Microblading Savannah on fb and Savannah Microblading on ig) and I am here to save your brows (and other areas of your body!) I hail all the way from Savannah, GA - she’s a local or whateva 💅🏻 I am 28 years old (virgo 🌞 sag 🌚 leo ⬆️) and the oldest of 3. I work a lot so my hobbies are very limited, but I do love tending to my plants, fur babies, and sitting in front of the tv.

My journey in pmu started in 2016 when I moved all the way to Oahu, Hawaii to learn under my trainer. At first I learned powder brows, microblading, eyeliner, and lip liner but I have taken over 20 courses since then and now I do much more. I like to do different styles but I believe most people come to me for that more realistic/natural look. I permanently moved back to Savannah in 2019 and opened up my own studio at the end of 2019, which I called Shelbie Pierce Cosmetic Tattoo. In 2021, I made that next step in my business and started training. I love teaching and love seeing my students doing great work! I still have very big plans and am opening a bigger studio named Sweet Peach in Downtown Savannah in Feb/March 2022!


Microblading (just hairstrokes) - $600
Microshading (hairstrokes + shading) - $650
Ombre shading/powder (just shading)- $600
Nano Brows (machine strokes and shading) $675
*Includes 1 follow up appointment

Lip blush - $525
Dark lip neutralization- $675
Basic eyeliner- $525
Eyelash Enhancement- $475
Winged Eyeliner- $575
Eyeliner with shadow- $600
Bottom liner only- $350
*Includes 1 follow up appointment

Touch up for one service $180/hour - $180+
Touch up for 2 services - $360
Touch up for 3 services - $450

Brows + basic eyeliner $1050
Brows + lip blush $1050
Lip blush + Basic Eyeliner $1050
Brows + eyeliner + lip blush $1500
*includes 1 follow up appointment

Pre-care —

Things to avoid before your appointment

•Botox/filler for at least 2 weeks before & after.
•No Alcohol 24 hours before.
•No caffeine the day of, its ok after.
•No eyebrow grooming for at least 2 weeks before.
•No blood thinning medications at least 2 days before.

**Make sure you don’t come in with a sunburn, active infection, conditions that don’t allow you to lie flat on your back, or any major ongoing health issues**

If you have diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disorders, this may not be your best option.