Hi I’m Savannah

I’m a Momma and Business Owner

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 25 a mom to my handsome little man and my beautiful puppy.

I have always known I wanted to be my own boss.

I was so sick of feeling like a number in the every job I’ve ever had.
My goal has always been to have total financial and time freedom.

I love to learn new things.
My hobbies are reading, hiking, swimming, camping and my goal one day is to have my own hobby farm with all the rescues I can manage.

Animals are a huge part of my life. So when I started researching the beauty products I was using before, I was so devastated. ALL of my products were tested on animals!
*Just a tip every country has there own standards for what they consider is animal testing and clean products* 🤯

I knew right then that I needed to make a change. So I started doing my research. I was looking for a open and transparent company that provides clean products for my family’s health and that is leaping bunny certified (the highest level of certification you can get)

And BAM I found my company 🤩
Let me tell you, my skin and hair has never felt better. Plus no animals are being harmed ♥️