Hey, Im Sav!!

Let’s make the impossible, possible together!

Hi, hello so happy you’re here!

I assume if you’ve come across my website there is a little oz of you curious about what it is I do! And you’ve come here in search of some answers.... am I right?

I assume so

Well you’ve come to the right place, babe! And can I just say I’m so happy you’re here! taking the time to read and hear what it is I’m all about and what I do!!

So let’s get into it!

I’m sav, a 22yr old entrepreneur! I am a freelance makeup artist, server and online business owner! About a year and half ago I took a huge leap into the unknown and started my online business with a company called modern nature...pretty much we are the best of both worlds we combine nature with modern nature to curate hair care, skincare and wellness products that not only do what they say they’ll do but are also non toxic and good for you!

Boy when I tell you these products have changed my hair my skin and my wellness and over all confidence that is just a small understatement! This company has not only provided me with the best hair, skin and self confidence of my life! But it has opened so many amazing doors and opportunities for me! I’ve met the most incredible and inspiring woman who push me to be better everyday and celebrate my wins with me! There’s truly nothing like the community of this business! And the freedom and opportunities it opens up and presents to you! If freedom is something you crave this is the business and career for you!

Is starting your own business hella scary?! Yes! Of course it is! It’s new and full of unknowns and yes this business often sounds way to good to be true and honestly I still feel that way some days! But it’s not! ANYBODY can do this! LITERALLY ANYBODY!!! All that is required of you is a open mind, a positive mindset and a work ethic that’s all! If you have those three things the possibilities are endless!! and success is waiting just around the corner for you!

Oh and in case you wondered....

You won’t be alone I can 10000% promise you that! taking the leap is the most nerve racking part! but as soon as you’ve taken it you’ve opened yourself up to a whole community of girls a support system...a lifeline might I add!!! We will all be standing behind you watching you teaching you and cheering you on! I promise! My line is never on silent to you...as soon as you take that leap I’ll be there when ever you need me!

So now my question to you is......

Are you willing to take the leap?

If yes slide on over and fill out that app! and quizzes and let’s get you that freedom you’ve always craved!