Building a life I don't need a vacation from

Welcome to The Glow Getter Entrepreneur!!

Hi 💕 I'm Savonne and I am so happy you made it here!

I am here to not only show and tell my journey but the journey of those around me.
I am a Tattoo Model, Mommy to a precious baby girl, furbaby mama, and a firm believer of self-love, abundance and stepping outside your comfort zone! My father always said "Whatever you think you can do" or " Can't cannot do it because 'can't ' never tried."
Growing up I hated that second saying and I never understood it until I got older and he passed away.... Now I live by it.

This is the first step on your path to dreaming BIGGER and BETTER! If this career, the women/men I get to work alongside have taught me anything it's that dreams are just a reality you haven't experienced yet. It's more than just Shampoo around here. It's about finding who you really are and what is meant for YOU... Most of us think that we are meant for just ONE way of life - go to school, get a degree, get a job, get a house, have a family, work til you are 70 and retire... It may have worked for some, but I knew that way of life was not for me.

Everything I ever thought was not possible, my "limiting beliefs" I have turned around into goals and part of my vision for the future of me and my family.
I am here to be proof you do not have to live the forever in debt/traffic jam life, making someone else rich and trading your valuable time for money.
Why not have both?!

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