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About Us

SavvyFitted is an online boutique full of pre-loved garments at your reach! We lift the importance of saving the environment through repurposing clothing, by renewing, restoring, and rejuvenating our unique pieces. Allowing others to visualize and intrepid fashion beyond the fast fashion market is our goal through each of our hand-picked items ✨✨

Our Story

Tell the world what you’re made of

Best friends since freshmen year in high school, we decided to combine our passion for fashion to create SavvyFitted. While in our sophomore year of college we both decided to travel across the ocean to England. There, we expanded our knowledge in Business and Interior design at York St. John University. Traveling gave us a new perspective on fashion and style; as the architecture, history and the big influence on fashion motivated them to finalize our dream of owning an online vintage clothing and apparel store.

Unfortunately our trip took an unexpected turn due to COVID-19, as the University’s program changed, and we were forced to come back home immediately. This was not a setback, yet was motivation for us to become entrepreneurs and embark the first footsteps for SavvyFitted. In March 2020, against all odds in the middle of so much uncertainty and worldwide economic battles we took a bold leap as young entrepreneurs and established SavvyFitted.