Hi I’m Saywood!

Transformational Healing Guide ✨

My fascination with consciousness & coming home to our Essence emerged for me when I was a teenager.

When I was 16, I began to call in Essence. The word Essence can be found written many times over in school dairies, art diaries, and journals of the time.

At the age of 17, a number of spontaneous spiritual experiences began to unfold that introduced me to spirit guides, & awakened me to working with light to shift consciousness & heal.

A couple of years later, I became a Reiki practitioner which continued my journey with channeling light for healing & expansion. Reiki has been a beautiful healing energy in my life ever since, & something I’ve continued with both for myself & my clients.

I’ve had an ongoing drive for deepening into ways to expand consciousness & connection to the deeper truths of who we are as beings. So it’s not surprising that the purpose of my work is to help people uncover their inner light ✨

I continued to study healing modalities over the following 19 years after that first Reiki attunement, & I now draw upon a number of modalities that serve to dissolve energies within clients that do not reflect the true radiant Essence of who they are at the core. These discordant energies can show up as physical & emotional pain, disease, negative thought patterns, unresolved childhood hurts, depression, anxiety, lack of fulfilment, & exhaustion.

During 10 years of being a massage therapist, I came to see that pain & ailments in the physical body also accompanied emotional pain. I then found that by clearing the emotional pain, the physical pain cleared as well, & there was a positive shift in the whole being of the individual. I now work wholistically with pain, addressing it at it’s energetic origin, which really saves my hands and has lasting results.

I began coaching people in a way that reconnects them with their Essence, and dissolves anything that isn’t in alignment with that, be it beliefs about themselves, or emotions they had been holding onto, and their lives changed on every level. Once we are reconnected with our Essence, we naturally flourish.

I offer 1:1 transformational healing programs, workshops, Reiki sessions both hands on & by distance, Remedial & pregnancy massage, & Craniosacral therapy, & I am deeply honoured to help you uncover you inner light 😊🙏🏻✨💛✨