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COVID: The Cause of My Stress, Fatigue, and Now an Inspiration

When the [photo dump] trend first began, I would argue that it was combatting the perfect life image stereotype of Instagram, and only good can come from that. Feeling inspired, I chose to base my final fashion series of the quarter off this mentality of pausing to notice something beautiful in a moment.

Feel and Feeling: An interview with Kat Sours

Kat Sours is a Senior Fibers student, who is off to Brooklyn in June to work as a production artist. In addition to her work in Fibers, Kat previously served as the Editor-in-Chief at the Manor.

Has Punk Gone Pop?

"Whether you’re pop punk veteran Vivienne Westwood or rock star newbie Miley Cyrus, it’s becoming overwhelmingly clear that rejecting trend has actually become the new trend. The refusal to partake in capitalistic greed and similar ideals owned by the punk ideology are becoming exactly what they stand against: a commodity. "

The Tiktok Takeover of the Fashion Industry

As young consumers increasingly discover and buy products through social media, gaining traction on TikTok has become increasingly crucial for brands in what will undoubtedly be a more digital future.

Senior Interview: Morgan McKensey

For the second segment in our senior interview series, Anna McGregor sat down with Morgan McKensey, a Senior Fashion Marketing student, Wardrobe stylist/Creative director and part-time content creator to discuss her time as a SCAD student.

Netflix’s Halston: What Ryan Murphy Can Learn From His Own Show

Ryan Murphy’s new limited series drama “Halston” landed on Netflix last Friday. The show follows the career of famed New York designer Halston and the epic ride his career took.

Club Roulette

Fashion in its purest sense is a form of escapism. We want to lose ourselves in the world of high fashion again. This intense, luxurious aesthetic is a way of gaining power back in a world that feels so out of control.

Earthly Delights

Inspired by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch's, The Garden of Earthly Delights, known for its fantastic imagery and delicate details, explores the idea of humanity losing its way. Earthly Delights is a playful tribute to humans' relationships to the earth.

Senior Collection Interview with Iris Blackwood

For the first segment in our senior interview series, Isabella St. Clair sat down with Iris Dean Blackwood, a SCAD fibers artist, to discuss her senior collection.

Crochet For The Summer

Summer is just around the corner, and I’m sure we all are facing the annual question of, how do I get dressed when the world feels like an actual sauna? I think crochet may be the answer. ☀️

Life’s a Drag! “Drag Race” Season 13 was not!

Wrapping on its 13th season in late April, the show has become a global phenomenon. With 13 regular seasons, 5 All-Stars seasons, and seven different international spin-offs, the show has won its place in my hall of fame of TV shows.

Let's Talk About Pleasers

"In recent years, Pleasers have risen in popularity, from pole dancers to people feeling adventurous with a new shoe choice. With the shoes rise in fame, the sex workers who have been wearing the shoes the longest have been left in the dust."


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