Healing Trauma, Practical Manifestation & Holistic Period Coaching

About Scarlett

Scarlett is your go-to expert for sisterhood trauma, social anxiety, mastering confidence, vulnerability, healing trauma, healing wounds, inner child healing, rewiring your mindset, the subconscious mind, manifestation, becoming your most authentic self, and women’s holistic health.

So what is sisterhood trauma?
As girls I’m sure we’ve all experienced how harsh girls can be growing up, especially in high school! The exclusion we experiance, judgment from other girls, and bullying throughout our most formative years causes a wounding & trauma that is stored in our bodies. This trauma if not properly cleared gets carried into adulthood and leads to:
>> Feeling not good enough & self conscious
>> Feeling like you don’t “fit in”
>> People pleasing in an effort to “fit in”
>> Self doubt & mistrust in ourselves
>> Playing small in life & always holding back
>> Being the version of yourself you think you “should be”
>> Feeling “too much”
>> Allowing people to walk all over you
>> Lack of confidence
>> A distrust in other people
>> Feeling anxious in social situations
Just to name a few

I am here to help you heal those wounds that have been created & clear the trauma so that the pain of your past is no longer weighing you down, and we can build you backup as the magnetic, magical, and powerful woman you are at your core and manifest your desire with ease! Because you are worthy & deserving of living a life you love, and the world needs your magic.

Throughout primary school and early into high school I dealt with bullying (which caused sisterhood trauma) that shutdown my confidence, magnetism, joy & essential who I truely was. This of course lead to me being deeply unhappy and unfulfilled, after healing my sisterhood wounds & trauma I became so incredibly passionate about helping other women do the same. As women we are amazing & incredible beings yet we so often out each other down because of this wound that is created not only within us, but also passed down generationally from our grandmother and mother. It’s time to break the cycle of hurting other women, dimming our own light and playing small, so we can stand in our power, master confidence, speak our truth, have soul friendships, and create a life we love that brings us fulfilment.

I do this work through using a mixture of different powerful tools, modalities & process so we can go deep and create LASTING change!!

>> Are you ready to feel confident in yourself and the decision you make?
>> Are you ready to manifest your soul tribe?! >> Are you ready to love your life again, find joy in even the littlest things & feel fulfilled?
>> Are you done feel self conscious and anxious around other people?
>> Ready to consciously manifest your reality with ease?!

Then I’m your coach, I’m going to help you heal the sisterhood trauma & wounding from your past that’s keeping you feeling stuck, numbed out & unfulfilled so you can embody your power, live your purpose & manifest your dream life!

I am here as your coach to give you full guidance & support, because I know how critical and important that is to healing. I will call you out on your sh*t and I will NOT let you hold yourself back anymore!!! It’s time for serious up-levelling!

Ready to step into expansion? 👇🏼